If a website is how an organisation announces itself for the world, a hacked website is how an organisation announces their failings. Hacking websites is a career for some, with automated tools scanning for weaknesses around the clock, around the world. I can help you build and secure a reputation online.


A website needs to be available whenever a potential client wishes to view it; both end users and the big search engines value reliable websites. Downtime, whether it stems from a hacking attack or technical failure, is poisonous to any organisation that values their online presence. I can help you maximise the availability and performance of your website.


There have been many high profile attacks on large organisations that have resulted in valuable data being leaked. The common factor in many of these attacks was an insecure website that facilitated access to the organisation’s internal networks via various methods. Generally-speaking, websites and the servers they sit on present a risk that is not given the attention it deserves. I can help reduce and manage that risk.